How We Help the Industry?

One-stop shop of all kinds of paper & packaging products which are designed and manufactured according to the industry standards and the customer's requirements. We offer a wide range of paper products for the manufacturing industry, providing you with paper rolls, label and stickers, mailers, envelopes, tamper proof security bags and eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable products, tapes, jumbo rolls, etc. We manufacture and supply tailor made products to meet the different requirements and applications of different customers. All our products are produced with the lowest carbon emission and are environmentally safe, do not add to the landfill dilemma. We provide complete support with quick delivery of high-grade materials that keeps your business going.

  • We have over 600 sets of advanced equipment that enables us the “Power to Deliver” all your paper product needs, always on time.
  • A dedicated R&D team with over 100 patents to provide our customers with integrated solutions of packaging supplies and logistics equipment.
  • Vertically integrated ISO, SGS, RoHS Certified facilities that manufacture all our premium quality products at very high efficiency and competitive price.

Products for the Industry


Easy-to-tear, strong adhesion, and waterproof envelopes, in different sizes.

Labels & Stickers

We supply water resistant, oil resistant and scratch proof labels for all applications.


Light-weight, sturdy plastic bag designed for transporting lightweight items.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Use of kraft paper to produce corrugated shapes used for packaging.


Strong adhesion tapes made from paper, kraft, plastic, and PVC.

Jumbo Reels/Raw Materials

Jumbo thermal pos paper, laminating materials and glassline rolls available for local converting.

Partner with Us

We are one of the largest manufacturers of paper products globally with five manufacturing locations across China covering 300,000 m2 / 3,229,100 sq. ft. of production and warehousing facilities. Our fully integrated manufacturing capabilities give us the POWER TO DELIVER all your requirements ALWAYS ON TIME. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our product line and help our customers.

Power to Deliver

A fully integrated supply chain enables us to deliver at scale.

Always on Time

Our production capacity and integrated paper mill allow us to always deliver on time.


We produce an extensive variety of high-quality paper products.

Aftermarket service

A customer centric company, so customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Paper solutions are not one size fits all. Each industry requires a custom solution. Learn more about how we help different industries and customers.

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