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Shenzhen Formers Paper Co., Ltd No.92 Zhugushi Road, Wulian Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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(+1) 236 992 6399

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(+86) 138 2363 7478

Your Trusted 'Local' Partner

You can count on us as your reliable and trusted ‘local’ partner. We utilize our global distribution platform to ensure that your local requirements are understood, and Formers is fully appraised and consequently understands your local market demands, legislation and needs. As a result, we can supply all our products in accordance with your specifications, quality standards, packaging specifications and just as importantly in compliance with your national legislative conditions, which safeguards our customers. We comply with all the local laws and regulations relating to business practice, workplace relations and fiduciary rules.

Our philosophy is to consistently provide products of the highest quality, cater to all your needs and always deliver on time. No surprises whatsoever, we always live up to our commitments, deliver on time and prioritise customer satisfaction over everything else to ensure a long-term sustainable business relationship.

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